Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Does Anybody Really Know Who Peter J. Burns III Is?

My fellow entrepreneurs,

I have been contacted by several sources who said they have done background checks on Peter Burns and from looking at a few of his profiles on the Club E Network, Facebook and LinkedIn; they cannot find out anywhere that he actually graduated from college? I heard that he has said that he attended a course there and graduated from it, but isn't it a little misleading to list on your social network profiles that you could or could not have graduated from college and that you got a grad degree? Even if it is not so, why list it that way, the general audience, especially those he is trying to influence would not know if he just attended a course or two? Or that he attended a college and did not finish?  Did he really serve in the Army or a Veteran?  Was he a Ranger? Who knows, any comments on this?

He often told me that he was accepted to a few of the military academies but turned them down...what about this?

If you have done the research and know the answers, please let us know?


sogashia said...

He doesnt have a graduate degree from Harvard.

dirtpink said...

I have contacted Harvard Records Management to see if we can verify he attended or graduated.

Solomon Alesh said...

Peter is Currently in Ethiopia setting up connections with powerful people. I know he is a fraud i have ways to contact him if anybody wants to Sue him or anything.

Nick Coston said...

He's in Southern CA after getting shit-canned from his gig in Ethiopia. He's scamming people now in U.S. He never pays anyone, and has nothing in his name. He is a complete and utter fraud, wife beater and money launderer. Got enough?